Loba Legendary skins rework is exactly what Apex Legends players want

Loba has an array of skins in Apex Legends, but one player fixed a light omission from her Legendary cosmetics as they are now – and the proposed changes are perfect to complete her look.

Respawn is ramping up for another content drop with the release of the Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence update on August 3. There are concerns that the upcoming Legend, Seer, will be over-powered upon release, but the studio reassured players that that wasn’t the case.

Until the big patch, people have been working out the best fixes for the devs to make before the launch day and a Loba visual update for her Legendary skins has a ton of support from Apex players.

One of the most unique aspects of Loba’s design is her wolf-head staff and it’s, unfortunately, the one part of her Legendary skins that don’t change.

But Reddit user ‘KingQuackster’ came up with concept designs that fix the problem with unique staffs to compliment the Translocating Thief’s base image.

Essentially, Respawn gave Loba varied themes for her Legendaries. There’s one where she’s an ice-queen with Crystalline Perfection, another where she’s armored up for battle in Haute Hoplite, etc.

The mock-up keeps those skins intact but with a very noticeable improvement in the aesthetic of her staff, which shows up when you’re using her ultimate ability, Black Market Boutique.

Respawn would have to tinkle with a lot of elements to change up Loba’s staff, but players think it would be worth it.

While it might be tricky for Respawn to tinker with the staff because of the ult, the Apex community has been really taken by the idea.

“For a second there I thought that’s official,” one person said. “It’s crazy that [Loba’s staff] doesn’t change. Fuse’s motherload does change depending on the skin.”

People noticed other aspects of a Legend’s skin changes with every cosmetic, but not with Loba’s staff. While Respawn gets intricate with their skins, this is one fine detail Apex Legends players wouldn’t mind seeing them implement.

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