Discord Rules

Please note that the rules below apply to any behavior on this server: this includes your profile picture, Discord status, or disruptive game titles.
1. Be nice or leave!
2. No offensive or otherwise inappropriate nicknames or profile pictures
3. Don’t spam
4. NSFW content is NOT allowed
5. Use the appropriate channels
6. English & Hindi, please
7. Do not share or promote cheats/hacks
8. Trading, selling, begging, boosting and account sharing are not allowed
9. No scam links, URL short, IP grabbers, etc.
10. Spoilers must use spoiler tags and be labelled
11. Listen to server staff

In addition to these rules, the moderation team reserves the right to remove messages and users from the server that are detrimental to the discussion and community. Since this is the first page you are seeing, ignorance of the rules does not excuse breaking them.

This server follows the Discord Partnership Code of Conduct: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024871991

The server moderators and admins are Official members of LiveOfficial Esports — this is a community-run server

Need to talk to the mods or want to report something? DM ModMail! When you message, an available mod will be with you shortly. If reporting, please include all relevant information (name, discord name, why reporting, any links) so that we may handle the issue promptly.

Last Updated: 3 Feb 2024

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