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throwback to the last gaming conversation we talk all time where you can met mr. mods nook himself

SM Manager
We required social media handler through our management staff here.
Administrator is the main priority of LOE including manage everything.
Administrator is the main priority of LOE including manage everything.
Management all about to manage our esports scrims or tourna or teams stuff.


We care about creating a delightful experience: for people who use our Discord and for ourselves. We value a workplace that’s as diverse as our product.

People here do work that matters. We keep moving forward with a figure-it-out mentality. And above all, we remember to work with empathy, kindness, and

Recruitment Form

Please enter the details of your request and, if you have any questions regarding our Terms of Use, please describe your self as competitive player or content creator like what you have done yet or you're beginner. If you’re interested to join us, make sure to include as much information as possible. Please include any screenshot or video of being competitive player in any tournament or content creating url. Once your request is submitted, a member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

Important Rules To Read

Rules before join

  • Live tag in discord username (Never remove Live tag. Only that time you can remove when you wanna left LiveOfficial team.)
  • Add Live tag in your IGN (Simple font required)
  • Join WhatsApp group for clan updates or discussion something regarding games.
  • As more as try to be active only in LiveOfficial server VC.
  • Be punctual on gameplay time with your team’s.
  • Always prepare for scrims or tournaments with your team.
  • Set the Live tag in your username before apply.

Why we are asking for ID?

We are asking for ID only for the safety of the Discord server or esports data. If for any reason the administrator, moderator and management tries to harm our post data and Discord server in any way, then we can take legal action against it. And your id data will be completely safe with LiveOfficial Esports under Act of data protection.

Refund Reason