ALPS - Apex Legends Rulebook

1 – All competitors of a team must be in the LiveOfficial Esports Discord server with their discord nickname being identical to their in-game name.

This can be done by right-click > change nickname in discord
If possible, make sure all your teammates have the same clan tag to make spectating easier. This is not required but would be appreciated.

1.1 – All competitors must use the voice chats provided in the LiveOfficial Esports discord server. Each team has a personalized channel.

E 1.1 – CHECK-IN on CHALLENGERMODE first and after on DISCORD. – IMPORTANT After check-in on Challenger Mode, the captain needs to go to our discord and send in the a-check-in room (Format: Team name – @Player1 @Player2 @Player3, Streamer – LINK OF TWITCH, YOUTUBE OR KICK.) All players must use the voice channels provided in the discord Sign-up closes an hour before the tournament starts. One player must be streaming on each team (with VOD) or they will not be able to participate.VODs must be kept for 7 days before you delete

Minutes before the game, the game code will be dropped in #game-codes Make sure you keep an eye on Discord. The absence of responses will result in a replacement.

NOTE: If you leave the tournament before the end, you will be banned and won’t be able to play any LiveOfficial Esports tournaments again.

In free tournaments, teams that don’t check in on Discord after checking in on Challenger mode will be replaced by another team.
After the check-in, the team leaders are responsible for answering the admin in a short time, if admins do not receive an answer, the team will be removed from the tournament. Reason: (many teams sign up, don’t read the rules, and forget to check in, they only show up 1 hour before the game starts. This is unacceptable, as it takes us a long time to organize tournaments and make everything fair for all teams).

1.2 – Competitors may join the support voice channel in Discord if they need support from a member of staff during the tournament.

1.3 – All competitors must be prepared to be dragged to a different voice channel for an interview after any game (if needed). This will usually be done with first or second place. If you are using a different form of voice chat, eg. Xbox live, Playstation, or in-game VOIP, make sure at least one of your team members is connected to the discord voice channel.

1.4 – No other person may enter the competitor voice chat and competitors may have no communications with anyone other than their team members during a tournament game.

1.5 – We will be using 2 separate servers during the tournament. Every 3 games, we will take a short break and swap to the other server. We will send you the token as soon as the server is set up and you, as the captain, are in charge of getting your team into the server and providing them with the token. The token is the tournament join code.

Competitors may not share a match code with anyone other than their teammates. If competitors are found in violation of this, their team will be subject to penalties up to and including disqualification.
Similarly, if a code is leaked on a competitor’s live stream, the same penalties may apply.

1.6 – After each game, competitors will be sent back to the lobby. Please wait for staff to change the team names in-game before joining a team, as these reset after each match. Keep pre-game chat clear for admin announcements unless you’re having an issue. Staff will give info in the pre-game chat, such as letting you know when to join your teams, or whether we are changing to a different server. We MAY end a game within 2 minutes of it starting if we get a broken server. Please do not panic if this happens.

1.7 – Competitors are required to be present in the match lobby at the scheduled start time. It is advised to arrive 15 minutes before the start time. We may wait up to 15 minutes from the start of the FIRST match only.

After the first game has started, you can no longer change your team in the lobby. (MO)
Matches may go ahead without all twenty (20) teams or sixty (60) players.

1.8 – Teams may replace a player at any point in the tournament as long as moderators are made aware before the start of a match.

1.9 – Check-in for the tournament will open at least 300 minutes before the start of the tournament and will close 15 minutes before the start of the tournament. Teams that fail to check in within that time window will lose their spot in the tournament if the tournament is overbooked and there are teams in the queue for a spot.

1.10 – By submitting any team logo(s) for competitive use in LiveOfficial Esports tournaments, competitions, promotional material, and websites, the persons who have submitted the logo(s) accept all legal and financial responsibility for the copyright of the logo(s).

1.11 – Team names in a language other than English must include an English translation on the sign-up form.

1.12 – We will always try to use EU West servers for our games. It is your responsibility to make sure that your ping is within a playable range.

1.13 – Checking in to a tournament without showing up will result in a ban from competing in the next tournament.

1.14 – Signing up for weekly scrims without showing up will result in a 2-week ban from scrims. (Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis).

1.15 – 1 Point per Kill (only for Battle Royale)

1.6 – Points System (only for Battle Royale)
1: 12
2: 9
3: 7
4: 5
5: 4
6-7: 3
8-10: 2
11-15: 1

1.7 – Sometimes we do tournament that ***ONLY FIRST PLACE OF EACH GAME WINS PRIZE (CHAMPIONS)

1.8 – Before registering for our tournaments make sure you read all the RULES and GUIDELINES. The lack of attention or not following our


2 – Competitors who miss a match may join the following match. Similarly, if a player is disconnected mid-game, the game will carry on however the player may reconnect using the in-game reconnect feature.

2.1 – Competitors must not quit out of matches at any point while the team is alive. All competitors must remain in the game until a winner has been decided (sometimes the post-match summary bugs out so we need teams to remain in the game).

Competitors that disconnect must reconnect to the game.
Any team that fails to complete the tournament may be subject to penalties up to and including disqualification and a ban from any future tournaments. Penalties will be given on a case-by-case basis.

2.2 – Competitors may not use any game-changing scripts or programs.

2.4 – Competitors may not leave the normal boundaries of a map in a way that does not activate an “out-of-bounds” timer or other exploit that results in the Competitor being able to remain outside of the circle (in the orange) without taking damage.

2.5 – Game codes will be posted in #game-codes.

2.6 – Competitors may not intentionally exploit one-sided textures on map geometry. Similarly, competitors may not hide inside of map geometry or behind invisible walls on the map.

2.7 – A match is considered in progress as soon as the dropship appears and until the champion screen appears displaying the winning team.

2.8 – Competitors may not utilize any third-party applications or programs that may give them an advantage. Similarly, competitors may only use a mouse and keyboard, PlayStation or Xbox controller, and must use the same input for the entirety of a match (eg switching to mouse and keyboard to loot while playing with a controller is forbidden).

Competitors may not utilize macro functions on any input device.
Competitors may not utilize any physical devices in addition to their input devices.

2.9 – All matches will be played with aim assist override enabled to bring aim assist values down to 0.4 universally, as opposed to 0.6 on consoles.

2.9.1 – When you choose your landing spot, make sure you write your team number the same as the discord voice channel and your team name.

EXAMPLE: T1 Gib The Altar on the website ALS you cannot use the sign – between the team number and the team name just use a space between them.

Will be a link with a password on Discord, do not share the password with anyone.
Only 4 contests (POIs) are allowed.
3rd party is not allowed off drop (Respect their contest)

These rules change depending on the tournament, in case of doubt use the support ticket on Discord.

Explaining differently.

You choose a POI, there are already a few contests selected on the POI site. RIGHT AFTER dropping, if the contests are happening, no one can 3rd party to the contest that’s happening already

But only after dropping. Middle game etc, feel free to join the fights. We love sandwiches

You must land in the spot that you picked, you cannot change your spot during the game, breaking the rule can lead to you and your team being disqualified.

2.9.2 – Do not abuse when choosing the size of your landing spot, remember that there are other teams also to choose


3 – DO NOT STREAM-SNIPING. This does not only ruin the experience for other players and our viewers, but it also ruins all the work we, the staff, have put into allowing you to play in this tournament.

3.1 – If you or anyone on your team is streaming the event, you MUST include that you are playing in the LiveOfficial Esports tournament in your stream title. We will also provide a small, non-intrusive optional overlay that you do not have to use, but we would appreciate it if you do.

3.2 – You may also choose to use a stream delay.

3.3 – Re-streaming of the event is acceptable, but in order to appeal to sponsors in the future we ask that you encourage your viewers to stop by the main event stream.

3.4 – Using information given to you, as a streamer or player, by a member of your chat room or somebody watching the main tournament stream, counts as metagaming and will be punished with the same severity as stream-sniping. Please make sure your moderators are purging metagaming messages.

There will be a few minutes of downtime between each game and a 15-minute break on top of that after Game 3.


4 –
4.1 –
4.2 –
4.6 – You do not need to name your teammates for scrims. You can change your players without letting the staff know.

4.7 – You must rename your team by yourself in the lobby.


– All prizes are per team, not per player.

5.1 – All prize money will be distributed through PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to receive your prize money.

Thus, PayPal transfer fees apply. LiveOfficial Esports is not responsible for any transfer/transaction fees taken by PayPal and will not cover these fees.

5.2 – All currency exchange rates are automatically calculated by PayPal.

5.3 – All the prize money will be sent to the team captain/org.

Due to PayPal restrictions, LiveOfficial Esports is not able to pay out any competitive winnings to regions/countries that are not supported by PayPal or have had sanctions imposed upon them. This includes but is not limited to Russia

5.4 – You have 1 week to claim your PRIZE by contacting any admin, after that date prize requests will be rejected.


Refund Reason